Daily Macaron Flavors

Salted Caramel
Salted caramel macarons are rimmed in salted caramel buttercream and boast a center filled with liquid caramel and topped off with caramel in the center. We make our own caramel in small batches from scratch in house almost every day. Wrapped in an almond meringue shell, our salted caramel macarons are consistently one of our customer favorites!
Vanilla Bean
A beautiful, tiffany blue macaron, our vanilla bean macarons are centered with homemade buttercream mixed with real Madagascar vanilla bean flavor – you can even see the vanilla in each macaron! Our customers tell us that one bite of these delicacies immediately transport them back to eating true vanilla bean ice cream from childhood.
Our raspberry jam macarons are gorgeous, pink macarons with our own recipe for homemade jam inside. We make this jam in small batches and from scratch using only fresh fruit at least twice a week. We are so passionate about our freshness that we won’t ever use a jar. Our raspberry jam macarons are also available as a dairy-free treat!
Strawberry Cheesecake
Our classic meringues are filled with our cream cheese and a dollop of our homemade strawberry jam center. We make our strawberry jam in-house at least twice a week from fresh, local strawberries.
Red Velvet
When chocolate and cream cheese comes together it create this southern classic.  We begin with a chocolate meringue tinted to that perfect shade of red and add an ample amount of our traditional cream cheese filling.  This moist and creamy macaron will leave you feeling like your grandma made it. (Winter)
Our beautiful yellow lemon macaron begins with our homemade lemon curd that is painstakingly folded into our buttercream for fresh lemon flavor. To make our lemon curd, we always zest and juice our lemons in house in small batches for the best flavor packed into each lemon macaron.
Key Lime
A refreshing light green, our luscious key lime macaron is created by first juicing and zesting fresh key limes in-house. We then carefully fold in our buttercream to create a light, lime-flavored macaron reminiscent of key-lime pies in the summertime.
Chocolate Ganache
Using only the highest quality dark chocolate available, we combine it with cream and proprietary ingredients to create our chocolate truffle center. Wrapped in our chocolate meringue shells, this macaron is sure to please the chocolate lover in your life!
Tybee Turtle
Our Tybee Turtle macaron has a center filling of salted caramel and chopped fresh Georgia pecans. Once the filling is created, it is placed within our chocolate meringue shell dipped halfway in dark chocolate the then rolled in more pecans fresh from the farm. The result is a decadent combination of flavors that is always a hit!
Our pistachio macaron is a pistachio-lovers dream. Starting with fresh pistachios, we grind the flavorful nuts in-house for a strong, true pistachio flavor. Pistachios are ground into the macaron shell and then the shell is filled with our homemade pistachio buttercream filling. A pistachio lovers dream!
Chocolate Hazelnut
Another option for someone who loves nuts is our hazelnut macaron. We always begin with fresh hazelnuts for creating this delicacy. Our hazelnut macaron is filled with a dark chocolate hazelnut cream, surrounded by our macaron meringue shell topped with fresh hazelnuts.
Bourbon Pecan
Our bourbon pecan macaron contains locally-grown, Georgia pecans hand-ground directly into the meringue shell. We then use real bourbon to create our bourbon butter cream filling, and finish by rimming the macaron with brown sugar bourbon pecan caramels. This flavor is a hit with almost any southern gentleman!
Blackberry Lavender
Our blackberry lavender macarons are created in-house by combining food-grade lavender and almonds to make our meringue shells. Filled with freshly made (from real blackberries!) blackberry buttercream and topped with lavender sugar, this purple delicacy is packed with sophisticated flavor.
Our cappuccino macarons are the perfect complement with your favorite morning coffee. We infuse a natural coffee extract directly into the meringue shells of these popular macarons. We then fill the center with our homemade espresso buttercream.
Our Snickers macarons bring the love of peanut butter and caramel together in our chocolate meringue shells to create are a throw-back to a candy classic. Our chocolate meringues are rimmed with our peanut butter buttercream and filled with our homemade caramel and chopped roasted peanuts.
Our bright pink meringue shells are filled with our homemade buttercream mixed with real Madagascar vanilla bean flavor – dipped in white chocolate and rolled in rainbow sprinkles, it's like a party!